Casement window
Cavity Closers - pic 1 Cavity Closers - pic 2 Cavity Closers - pic 3 Cavity Closers - view 1 Cavity Closers - view 2 Cavity Closers - tech drawing 1 Cavity Closers - tech drawing 2 Cavity Closers - tech drawing 3 Cavity Closers - tech drawing 4 Cavity Closers - tech drawing 5 Cavity Closers - tech drawing 6
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We are able to offer Cavalok & Dacatie window formers, as well as many other brands if required.

Preformed window frames are a builder friendly, cost effective and time saving product. They provide an accurate brick template for window and door reveals that also closes and insulates the cavity. They can be used with all window types including timber, aluminium and PVCU. Factory manufactured off site to the highest standards, they arrive labelled and ready for immediate installation. By eliminating the need to fabricate temporary timber formers on site, material and labour cost are saved and the speed of construction can be significantly improved

The product is manufactured off site allowing labour to focus on the priority tasks. Staged delivery saves storage space on site and reduces the risk of theft or damage. Speed of construction improved as manufactured and stored off site ready for immediate delivery. Cost effective solution which incorporates all labour and material costs. The product complies with new Part L, and is also available in a fire rated version

Tech Drawings Key

  1. Silicone Sealant
  2. 22mm Window Board
  3. 6mm Plaster Skim
  4. Glazing Tape
  5. 3mm Plaster Skin
  6. 13mm Plasterboard
  7. Brick line flush with upstand
  8. Glazing Packer
  9. Foam Strip

All cavity widths catered for